Auxiliary power supply systems

Our solutions:

ZaWiSZa auxiliaries power supply system

The ZaWiSZa Auxiliary Power Supply System is an advanced multi-voltage power source for all systems during normal and autonomous operation of the substation. The solution provides power supply with typical voltages: 230/400V AC, 220V DC, 230V AC-guaranteed, 48V DC (24V DC) for critical internal functions of the station.

ZaWiSZa Compact 220V DC - ETC

ZaWiSZA Compact 220V DC

The power supply systems are dedicated to power receivers with direct current with rated voltages: 12V; 24V; 48V; 60V; 110V; 220V. The systems may contain VRLA battery packs in a cabinet or cooperate with external field batteries. Thanks to the use of DC/DC converters, it is possible to build a multi-voltage system based on one battery bank. The systems also include DC switchgear.

ZaWiSZa Compact 230V AC guaranteed

Intended for supplying single or three-phase AC receivers with guaranteed voltage. The basic devices in this type of systems are inverters. These converters can cooperate with rectifiers and batteries (internal in the cabinet or external – on-site) and contactless switches. The use of contactless connectors allows you to connect the loads directly to the primary network in the event of overload or inverter failure. In addition, service bypass switches are also used. Basic power supply systems using inverters enable the creation of systems with redundancy or in parallel operation, which ensures a significant increase in the reliability of power supply to special groups of receivers. Systems may include AC switchgear.

ZaWiSZa.IP System Controller

The ZaWiSZa auxiliaries controller from ETCplus is a supervision controller for LV switchgears ZaWiSZaIP. It combines measurement, control and communication functions with the function of local and remote presentation of all signals and states expected by the user:

  • main switchboard 230/400VAC,
  • a 230V AC guaranteed alternating voltage switchgear,
  • 220V DC switchgear,
  • 48V DC/24VDC switchgear.