Our services:

Modern cooperation between the supplier of advanced products and the customer cannot take place without the specific product, i.e. services. Correct design, installation of devices, after-sales care and collection of used devices gives the user a sense of security during the operation of electrical power devices.

We offer technical services on facilities in the phase of: construction, modernization and operation in the range of up to 1 kV DC or AC voltage. Our specialization is:

  • designing, agreeing on technical documentation for the selection, delivery, installation and commissioning of stationary batteries, autonomous energy storage devices and devices for guaranteed DC and AC power supply,
  • designing, agreeing technical documentation in the field of selection, delivery, assembly and commissioning of power supply systems for substations and power plants for own needs,
  • maintenance and periodic inspections of stationary batteries and autonomous energy storage for renewable sources.

We also do:

  • electrical measurements and inspections of installed electrical devices and installations,
  • design and implementation of distributed measurement and supervision systems,
  • disassembly of devices, relocation of devices from one object to another,
  • device disposal,

We guarantee the high quality of our work. We guarantee the power.