Accumulators and energy storage

ETC plus sp. z o.o. is a representative in Poland of GNB Industrial Power of the industrial division of the EXIDE Technologies concern, a pioneer of completely maintenance-free battery systems and an experienced manufacturer of classic batteries.

Detailed scope of the GNB Network Power battery offer

Our offer includes the following types of Exide Technologies batteries:

Launched in 1996, the battery series has earned a reputation as a high-quality brand on the market. The Marathon series of types meets the needs of the backup power market requiring both longer autonomy times and short (less than an hour)

Execution technology: AGM

Since 1996, the Sprinter battery brand has represented high-quality products, optimized for all types of UPS. The Sprinter series meets market expectations in terms of high discharge currents and flexibility in choosing a battery for the application.

Execution technology: AGM

The Powerfit brand represents a series of VRLA batteries made in AGM technology, used in standard applications with reasonable energy requirements. The very good price/capacity ratio is the main argument in the market for backup power in the UPS sector.

Execution technology: AGM

The global brand Sonnenschein owes its reputation to many years of production experience dating back to the 1960s, the highest quality of workmanship and a wide range of products that meet various consumer expectations. Sonnenschein – synonymous with a good battery – more than 30 million pieces have been produced.

Production technology: Gel

With Sonnenschein@home, everyone can contribute to a better environment and save money. GNB Industrial Power, the creator of the dryfit gel technology, presents the Sonnenschein@home batteries, the perfect solution for home storage of renewable energy.

In the early 1990s, ETC and drift revolutionized the guaranteed power supply in Polish telecommunications. Now is the time for a revolution in our homes. Sonnenschein@home is an excellent budget alternative to Li-ion batteries in home energy storage. Be with us on the sunny side of the force with Sonnenschein@home!

The traditional technology of open cell lead-acid batteries is represented by the Classic brand. The production of Classic batteries has over 100 years of tradition. Modern classic cells, both with a positive armor plate and with a pasted plate, are widely used in many industries, thanks to a good reputation, widely known technology and many years of operational experience.

Execution technology: Classic

Classic OPzS

  • Capacity range: 50 ÷ 3350 Ah
  • Designed lifetime: 15 years (monoblocs) and 20 years (cells) @ 20°C