Diagnostics of batteries and energy storage

Diagnostic devices for measurements and tests of battery systems and DC installations are an inseparable element in everyday operational reality. The selection of devices for our offer guarantees the implementation of each operational procedure implemented at the owner of the battery installation and extended systems of guaranteed power supply.

Our solutions:

RV measuring resistors

RV series measuring resistors are devices designed for automatic maintenance discharge of batteries. They allow you to determine the current battery capacity. They are made for rated battery voltages of 48VDC, 110 and 220VDC and currents up to 200A.

RPB battery controller

The BB-RPB microprocessor battery controller is designed to measure the parameters of two battery branches. The device monitors the condition of the battery according to the entered parameters, recommended by the manufacturer. Battery performance analysis algorithms take into account Eurobat recommendations.

Earth fault meter MD-08

The MD-08 device is designed to measure insulation resistance in DC installation circuits. If the resistance value falls below the set level, the alarm relay is activated. The device can operate in 24, 48, 110, 220 VDC installations.

Hioki 3555, 3554 impedance meters

Hioki impedance meters allow you to track trends in changes in the internal impedance of cells or blocks of a battery installation. Impedance measurement assists the user in determining battery health and reduces the risk of power system failure.

MidtronicsCelltron Advantage conductance meters

Midtronics conductance meters allow for advanced tracking of trends in changes in internal conductance and voltages of cells or blocks of battery installation. The conductance measurement supports the user in determining the condition of the battery and helps to reduce the risk of power system failure.